The Similkameen

The Similkameen

No visit to the Okanagan is complete without a visit to the stunning Similkameen Valley.  Enjoy the beautiful 30-minute drive from Penticton or the 20-minute drive from Osoyoos as you follow the meandering course of the Similkameen River through breathtaking mountains and diverse farming and wine terrain.

The region has plenty of outdoor activities to keep the whole family busy, including hiking, fishing and exploring.  Plus soak up some history at the historic Grist Mill and Gardens in Keremeos or at the Mascot Gold Mine in Hedley.  Or for some special family fun,  visit the animals at Farmer John’s Petting Zoo in Keremeos.

With more than 40% of all crops grown organically, this region is considered the Organic Capital of Canada.  The near-desert environment in the Similkameen Valley provides fantastic growing conditions for grapes, fruits and vegetables, honey, turkey and more.

With over 600 acres of vineyards and a large number of fruit orchards, this region is developing a reputation for their award winning wines and some of Canada’s best fruit wines as well.

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