About Us

Unique Place. Unique People. Unique Wine.

Similkameen Independent Winegrowers

The Similkameen Valley has been a fruit growing region for a century and a grape growing area for decades. Because of extraordinary growing conditions, and the passion of local growers, the region became recognized for producing excellent grapes, often used to enhance wines produced outside the valley. As awareness increased the growing area expanded and in the 1980s the first locally-operated wineries opened. Over the years the number of wineries grew as did the planted area of grapes which now approaches 800 acres.

In 2009 the local wineries banded together  in an effort to further develop the local wine industry and raise awareness of the Similkameen Valley. Winegrowers had a relentless focus on producing quality wines and ciders that were representative of the region. Experts and wine lovers alike recognized the there was something special about these expressive, quality wines. Our wineries have been honoured with hundreds of awards, in Canada, the US and Internationally. The winegrowers have captured the spirit of the Similkameen in every bottle!

So the secret is out. Once known as “One of the top 5 wine regions you have never heard of” (Enroute magazine) we have since been discovered! Our members have been charting a course for the future together and our refreshed branding is a reflection of who we are today, what we stand for now and where we are heading in the future.

There are currently 14 winery/cidery members of the Similkameen Independent Winegrowers. While we have common values and goals we also celebrate our diversity and the broad range of wines and ciders offered including an impressive range of highly rated award winning red, white, sparking and rose grape wines, and a spectacular array of award winning certified organic fruit wines and ciders.

We remain committed to delivering an authentic Similkameen experience through our wines and ciders in every bottle. Every time.

Open a bottle. Close your eyes. Savour the sip and visit the place we love.